Network Setup

Need a home network setup? Have a lot of devices but you're not sure the best, and most efficient way to hook them all up and make everything work well? We do, get a network consulation today.

Data Recovery

Did your old computer crash and you need some data off your hard drive? We can probably get it for you, is the hard drive sounding funny? Bring it to us and we'll save your data before it's too late!

Hardware Repair/Builds

Did you lose a key on your keyboard, or crack the screen on your laptop? Those are just a couple of the things we can fix. We can also build you a brand new setup if you want a custom PC

Virus Removal/ Checkup

Things eventually will run slower, that's a given.  When they do, bring us your computer and we'll clean off any pesky viruses, and optimize your computer to make it run at its peak performance.

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