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Data Recovery Services

We’ve all been there

You’re in the middle of writing an important paper, and your laptop crashes. You have a big presentation tomorrow with your boss, and your son spilled his juice box on your keyboard, and you need your data in a pinch!  These are just a couple of the situations we see every day where normal people encounter unfortunate situations.  People store lifetimes worth of memories, photos, writing, and important documents on their computer, and when losing them isn’t an option, we can help.
Our forensic recovery software searches through all sectors on your drive good and bad, and pulls absolutely everything possible.  We will give you a list of everything we were able to save.  Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a 100% success rate with data recovery because it’s just not possible.  We do however, recover the most possible data from your drives.
If you would like you are welcome to bring a backup device for us to move your files to.  If you do not, a device of our choosing will be selected, and added to your bill at the time payment is due.


Cost: $95
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