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PC Tuneup/Cleanup

Feeling a bit like this guy?  We can help with that.

Cost: $75
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We all understand being frustrated with a slow computer, that doesn’t work the way it should.  Whether it’s lagging games, delay when typing on your keyboard, or just general slowness, we can help you by running a PC health check and optimization.
Here’s what we’ll do for you:
  1. Run a full audit of all your programs, and check which programs could potentially be causing your issues.
  2. Cleanup any unwanted/unused software that may be taking up precious hard drive and memory space.
  3. Scan for any potential malware, or additional software that could be sucking your CPU power.
  4. Review hardware specs to see if you’re running what you should be for the use of your computer, and make personalized recommendations based on this.