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3119 Leonard Terrace NE Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Virus Removal/Repair

Locked out?

Loading forever?

Pop Up Ads?

Bogged Down?

Webpages not loading?

Computer booting slow?

How We can Help

No one likes being the butt of someone else’s joke, and no one especially likes to have their computer on the fritz right when you need to use it.  Our state of the art virus removal technique guarantees that you will leave your computer in much better shape than when you brought it to us.
  • We do a full scan and audit of all programs on the machine to ensure none have been infected by whatever malware was added.
  • We remove any malicious programs, and inform you of things that may be slowing down your machine, and advise on ways to improve.
  • We do a deep scan for any malware, ransomware, or other malicious content that may have been downloaded from the web.
  • We ensure you are set up with the best virus software for your machine before you leave us, to protect you more effectively in the future.
  • We put safeguards in place to ensure you always know what you’re downloading before you download it.
Cost: $75
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